Requited is a journal that explores the convergences between literary writing and the experience of art as a creative exchange, a contract. These convergences evoke the blurry in-between where an infinite number of possibilities manifest. As Hélène Cixous says of relationships, the convergences of human-to-human contact are co-created spaces; they are the entre-deux, the spaces of love, language, and eroticism that exist between the two. Meaning is dependent upon this exchange, and we wish to draw attention to this amorphous space between bodies. In a sense, the text is the mother, the generative body, and the audience, in its private space, must seed the experience for creation to successfully take place.

We are looking for writing that explores the boundaries of text and form, writing that is both progressive and unbound. We would like to see hybrid and transgenre pieces that remain critically engaging. We are interested in poetry, fiction, drama, nonfiction, sound, and critical work. We seek experimental writing that is fresh, intelligent, and playfully transgressive.