Matt Trease
BAILIWICK/ BAY-luh-wick/ , noun;


Those of us with the more salacious of imaginations or
24-hour-a-day concierge ego, 400-thread-count linen
after the deer meat had been salted several days
it is safe to say a correspondent noted in July
our image of sororities as was mine is the tamer
when his mood was otherwise he could and did
but most of the meat must be salted and smoked
quite apart from the work of the reform movement
Is it too late for Hollywood families who
met many North Koreans who told me how
he urged that the massacres were not all on
so they all went away from the little log house
didn’t understand the panicked responses of the national offices which
found his exchanges with the interior minister infuriating once when
wolves lived in the big woods and bears and
if we’re in L.A. all the time our life?


I don't know what her angel looked like
Cubism is not easy to describe in words thus
it hasn’t rained for three months the trees are prospecting
he would not hurt me as those thoughts came
for an instant we children would consider what an angel might
a set of formal white concrete stairs descend to
your parents respect even their prejudices gently point
don't move we can't move caught like lobster in
Cubism which was formulated in the first decade of
sometimes they came inside when it rained against the door
in the following elementary treatise for the use of public schools
I remember the back garden with banana trees in the side
there are two distinct colours in ferrets one is
why is the measure of love loss? It hasn’t rained
in this novel she found the spot where the great
once there he decided to study painting


Two shadowy figures, one hunched and squat, the other lean
there was no limit to the power of the Rosary and
one of them, stone by stone, followed me across
with another woman who came to see you every
flashlight dimmed into the distance as the police car rolled
Enoch walked with God then he was no more
my father's father was a music master and pious
saints have said admirable things of this holy
please god that it will bring true fragrance into
another two years of increasingly painful illness eye
“Very well, take as long as you like, Dantes.”
But the principal way in which god's goodness is demonstrated
“Yeah, Right,” muttered Crowley. He did not look now
“I do not know you, monsieur,” said he
My father painted like Cézanne and understood the southern
I beg of you to beware of thinking of the Rosary

Matt Trease is a digital artist from Seattle Wa, where he spends his time glitching photographs, algorithmically collaging his library, and hacking the Scrabble board with his 5 yr old son. He is the author of the chapbook, Later Heaven (Busylittle1way Designs 2013).