Randon Rosenbohm
@hawke_in: DEAD POETS SOCIETY (1989)
          @hawke_in is a twitter-logged endurance performance and long-term movie           marathon documenting live commentary of every film Ethan Hawke has acted           in, resulting in a series of companion readers garnished with lonely anecdotes
          and feminist media criticism.

just started watching, had my wisdom teeth removed this morning, watched this once before in high school ap english literature class
no matter how much ice cream i eat robin williams is not coming back
look at all these boys together with no stupid women
this group of boys reminds me of the group of boys i'm friends with
i'm the token woman tho
crying thinking about this movie because i already know what happens
the second robin williams said "o captain my captain" my face got hot
crying staring at robin williams
fuck fuck fuck i love this movie
i wish i went to a boys' prep school
ethan hawke goes to prep school to fulfil family legacy, falls in love w poetry instead baw
nothing sad happened and i'm crying
oh my god ethan hawke is so beautiful
i can't tell which one is ethan hawke
snax and poems in the woods w your buddies
dangerous boys so brave
kind of jealous of these rich educated boys because a. class b. education c. gender
standing on my bed and looking down at my laptop
bathroom break
i might fall asleep again bc wisdom teeth
boys rowing
wanda jackson on the ost
ethan hawke: poet
dad thinks this is a good movie
in a world where parents care so much that the kinds of extra curricular activities matter more than the fact that they are present at all
why are cheerleaders typically hot?
this guy is excited about playing puck like you are so obviously going to play puck perfect manic pixie dream boy
am i a poet?
todd isn't a poet
todd is about to sound his barbaric yawp
carpe diem
my rental expired now i have to rent dead poets society again and at this rate i'll never be able to afford paris i feel like giving up
i'm so fucking frustrated watching movies is so fucking hard when nobody ever gives you any fucking time to your fucking self
after thirty minutes of internal debate i have decided to rent dead poets society from google play for a second time
this movie is two hours long
this is as economical as i can be
i wish i could be as loved and privileged as these white prep school boys
my favorite character so far is the cheerleader
ethan hawke's face comes to its own special conical point
can't remember if robin williams' character dies or if his recent death has affected me so strongly that i'm fabricating memories
ethan hawke's character, todd, is very friendly and supportive
this movie just tried to tell me a high school girl didn't know the most famous shakespeare sonnet ever because she is a girl and dumb
ate the rest of my candy
i feel so fat
exercising while watching dead poets society
i always fantasized about boarding school
ethan hawke's dad is red forman
so homosocial
ever read "beasts" by joyce carol oates?
ethan hawke is crying because his parents won't let him follow his dreams, he feels trapped and defeated
i feel like the boy who read the girl his poem and she didn't say anything in response but he's still happy that he followed through
but then she walks to him through the snow
i'm in the snow
trying to understand the narrative significance of the selected midsummer nights dream lines, but not trying hard enough
and robin shall restore amends
i keep confusing ethan hawke w the other guy
i live for teacher parent conflict
why do i feel like this movie ends in tragedy
i wish i was a teen boy with a hairless sculptural body
aw no n o nono no no
parents shouldn't bully their kids
so sad
feels like the movie ended but it didn't
distracted, watching a girl ride a mechanical bull on facebook, pretty enchanting
ethan hawke has a cowlick
oh this movie burns
my bottom lip is sticking out so far
a frindle moment of critical mass resistance
wait laura flynn boyle was in this movie???
oh laura flynn boyle is the cheerleader
Randon Rosenbohm is an interdisciplinary visual artist and writer from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is currently studying Animation and Fine Art and living in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been featured in Artforum magazine and Girls of the Internet Museum. Common themes in her work include (but are not limited to) gender theory, media analysis, girl culture, and slacking off. randonrosenbohm.blue