Ark Codex ±0 is a book published by Calamari Press.

ARK CODEX ±0 speaks for itself—a self-organizing & self-contained archeological archive of language for the sake of language, an artifact collaged of image & text mined from unspecified or unknown origins; deconstructed, cut up, replicated, traced, erased, distressed, deterritorialized, rubbed, stained, repurposed, then reconsituted & expressed in a feedback loop driven by the same chance operations that guide natural selection. To define the meaning or intent of the assemblage that is ARK CODEX ±0 would extinguish the very nature it sets out to describe or inscribe (which, in any event, is only a scribed articulation of the very ark (vessel, book object, apocalyptic seed bank) that it is). Not only is ARK CODEX±0 an affront to the everyday abuses of language for telling stories or writing “poetry,” but it challenges accepted notions of authorship—the vain compulsion to attach your name to an object to ease coping with your own mortality. We are all in the same boat. It is the readers function to attribute meaning—ARK CODEX ±0 is merely a rorschach sounding board to project the viewer’s potential, a reader who (like ARK CODEX ±0 itself) is but a mere embedded fragment of our collective unconsciousness, but in a holographic sense mirrors the whole & takes on a life of it’s own, becoming a Deleuzian Body without Organs, a passenger on the ark, at sea. If there is an intended audience, ARK CODEX ±0 is for any conscious being that comes after the fact—after the deluge, the mounting accumulation, the suicidal flood of information that wiped out us living beings that spawned this language to dig it’s own mass grave, leaving only the original intent to communicate to sprout in the aftermath.