Kamden Hilliard

Whereas Q is the White amalgamatory empire, and F is the sun, which never sets: gold chip in the septic sky. QF is the ultimate holy, final, penultimate, answer to life, happiness, and love. However, if L, the exports of AfricaIndiaAsia [flies / sorrow / sand / people], are perpendicular to the Tribes of Ham sand witches on the plane of an inforgivable Jesus-like thing, then L is lesser than QF. If a quantity is lesser than QF, said quantity must be removed/changed/or simplified.

The solution is a real number (1) and perfect.

In the space provided on this paper, simplify the equation above using at least seventeen of the properties and principals below:

Point-shoot formula
Printer-Paper-Bag epithelial test
Meritocracy fallacy
Recursive assimilation equation

(1) Real number: God

Kamden Hilliard is a student at Sarah Lawrence College where he studies creative writing and education. He is an alumnus of the Scholastic Art and Writing and YoungArts programs where he won a gold medal in poetry and level one recognition for his creative nonfiction, respectively. Kamden is also a 2012 Davidson Laureate in Literature. He is also a poetry editor with the Adroit Journal and has been published (or has forthcoming work) in Emerge Literary Journal, Crack The Spine, The Orange Room Review, and many other places. If Kamden wasn’t writing, he’d be very sad—or a scientist.