Roseanna Alice Boswell


after peel, let your tongue catch
any drips––
there’s more to oranges
than membrane.

        There’s seeds.
                          & sometimes jewel-sheened
                                                                                                flesh can shiver.

                          (Use your teeth

Precision is key with mouths
        and fumbling parts
                          into them. Don’t forget
                                                                about lips

                                                                the hold
                                                                & pull close.

        When it comes to the tang
                          in the back of your throat:

                                                                Start again––
                                                                             slight tongue
                                                                                                -tip pressure,

                                                                                                lips parted
                          (never mind the slight bitterness
                          of pericarp).

There’s just so much you don’t know
about citrus.

Roseanna Alice Boswell is a poetry MFA candidate at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Her work has appeared or will appear soon in: Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Capulet Magazine, Glittermob, and elsewhere. Roseanna is currently acting as Managing Editor for the Mid-American Review. You can find her on Twitter @swellbunny posting about feminism and her love of exclamation points.