Sara Adams

In our newsroom, we
vote down the universe; we
thwart its regional center; we
arrive with a helicopter to
thwart its regional center; we
get control

call websites

really want to get
disconnected by a cable

the feds let it roll
between the family and the friends
global warming and taxidermy
zero and the sun

By now you have heard me say it even blunt:
we all have to keep our heads

(the visitors do the hard work,
let their brains go)

You know, we found one
a cloudless sky

a historic moment

a lake
a snowmobile
a Peep show

a volatile little peep show
a cocky $17 million diorama
of mental and spiritual calm
And when it was opened,
I discovered what could only be considered
jumping naked into Vignettes
of Hope and control

*The above is a found poem, sort of; it was sourced from 30 of the author's own found poems which were sourced from Fairbanks, Alaska’s daily newspaper during the month of April 2014. This poem was made using lines from those poems which were lines and words from those articles, sometimes run through translators or Oulipo-ed in other ways. It’s a remix of a remix)


1 "hide and seek"
    a- pretending we see things we don't
    b- pretending we don't see things we do
2 "house"
    a- idealism: togetherness foreverness, sum greater than two parts, weaving in and out of each other without ever feeling stuck (e.g. tapestry, e.n.g. wicker basket)
    b- sense of finality, sense that something is unchanging (idealism tells me it can be both stable and exciting)
    c- ompromise
3 "duck duck goose"
    a- rbitrary selection
    b- rhythm (goes back to the weaving, in and out and back and forth and so on)
    c- hasing each other about like banshees, sometime in the presence of others (gives it something extra)

Sara Adams is a Montessori teacher in Portland, Oregon. She has work in lit mags such as DIAGRAM (forthcoming), tNY Press's Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature, and Shampoo Poetry. Her first micro-chapbook, Poems for Ivan, is forthcoming from Porkbelly Press. More info and links (including one to her co-written full-length New Translation of Twilight) atMAIN