Stacey Tran

I make the case for synthesis
emphasis in original
such as
       disabled and
       more than
shaped with which
the status derives
not only an element
which is a common possession
I suppose
good is always prone to end
concerns within
forged reflection

I take the distinction
the notion of thread
underline the quality
with the exception to care
an attempt to dance
broad-brush, glossing over
between countries
       therefore, fluid


       specific instances of difficulty are noted below

a set of social states between context and citizen
a particular feature
involved in identification
led you here
all too easily
       fall back
       flow from

as was the matter of
as to have
the qualities
the other, the of the

common ship
of labor
of such a body
       to the full in
       to live the life of

and the validity of going beyond
as the ability to participate as full
requiring not only need
or purpose or plan
but if you ask what freedom is for
       the most basic needs


       point to the gap
       weakening the hold

bundles of lights meet the needs
but are not matched by benefits in return
as a way of ensuring a fair reward
people suffer through no fault of their own
while ________________
did not resolve the vagueness
did not resolve the question
the balance that duties
a link between
       civic deserts
appearing remote, unreal


whatever is necessary is a practice
elevating to define
       derived, or
in particular 1
where we begin
locating the part around
requiring not only
terms of indivisibility
of individual liberty
       market value
       market power
       market able

the result has been
the right of
when conditions of full
can no longer be taken
and when without
work which represents
this modern nation
increased fragmentation
see a closer, conditional work both ways
       public common good

1 duties, discourse, especially in social situations, civilization, loyalty, membership, rather than an attempt


on the concepts of women’s interests and the limitations of interest theory
the invalidation of experience
       office for official communities
       office for social policy
       office for public spheres
       center for the study of caring

challenging invisibility
inferior status
post-_____ist backlash
       distance we travel

Stacey Tran is a curator of Pure Surface and an editor for Poor Claudia. She lives and works in Portland, OR.